Happy Pi Day!

Today Is Pi Day!

It is Pi Day today! Today we say "Hi Pis" instead of "Hi Five". We love math and we are happy to see a math-inspired day!

We celebrate this holiday by taking challenging questions as we always do:

1. If you have a chance to travel to Mars, what will be the value of Pi there?
2. Who recited the most digits of pi in a period of 24 hours and how many of it?
3. Which famous scientist was born on March 14?


1. Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. It is a mathematical constant. It is universal, because no matter where in the universe, or what time in past/present/future is it measured, its value will be the same.
2. Suresh Kumar from India, 70030 digits!
3. Albert Einstein

Happy Pi Day!