Congratulations to Our Team for Winning 2017 Eye Level Critical Thinking Competition

Eye Level's 2017 Critical Thinking Competition 2nd Round was held in Montclair State University on Saturday May 6, 2017. About 60 teams from both US (East) and Canada participated in the competition. Our team 1 eventually won the competition. They were awarded $1000. Congratulations to Scott and Harsh! Our team 2 also did an excellent job. They were just two rounds from the final. Congratulations to Aaryan and Vedanta too! Scott and Harsh will represent US East to compete with other regional winners in Chicago on July 23, 2017.

Critical thinking is fun! In the upcoming summer, we will start an enhanced critical thinking program for our students. We will also do more for the Basic Thinking Math. We will focus on number sense and mental calculation. Training by world math master will be shared with our students.

Math is challenging. Math is fun. Building great mind starts with Math. Start your Math with Eye Level Livingston.