Congratulations to Our Students in 2016 Critical Thinking Challenge Competition Final Round

The final round of 2016 Critical Thinking Challenge Competition was held on June 4, 2016 in the beautiful Kean University campus. Among all the fifty teams from NY/NJ/DC Region (including Canada), our Team 1 (Vedanta and Nitya) entered into top 5, the best ever for our center. Our Team 2 (Harsh and Sidhant) also reached top 10. This is a great win for our center. We are proud of the performance of our students. Congratulations to all students and their parents who participated in this year's Critical Thinking Challenge Competition event!

Eye Level's Critical Thinking Math Program focuses on problem solving and reasoning skills which complements the regular calculation and arithmetic abilities. It encourages students to “think outside of the box”. In the coming summer, we will start new program that will intensify students' critical thinking skills.